Brick Wall Ties

  • Made from 22 gauge or 28 gauge electrogalvanized steel
  • Provide connection between masonry and wall studs or wood structure

Instructions for use:

  • Bend wall tie at nail and bond into mortar joint
  • Only one bend of product to 90° is required — Multiple bending will weaken product and compromise intended performance
  • Check local codes regarding requirements for spacing
Grip-Rite Brick Wall Ties
Grip-Rite Brick Wall Ties
Grip-Rite Brick Wall Ties
SKU Size Style Pcs./ Box Boxes/ Pallet Pallets/ Container
Brick Wall Ties-Boxes
BWT22G 22 ga. Straight 500 100 19
BWT28G 28 ga. Straight 500 200 17
BWTZZ22G 22 ga. Zig-zag 500 100 26
BWTZZ28G 28 ga. Zig-zag 500 200 26
Grip-Rite® plywood clips and brick ties are distributed by PrimeSource Building Products, Inc.