Cut Masonry Nail

For attaching wood to cinder block, mortar joints, brick walls, and fresh concrete. Blunt point and tapered shank reduce splitting.

  • Cut Masonry Nail

Size _empty_ Gauge Head Size Approx. Count Per Pound SKU
Cut Masonry Nail Tempered Hardened Steel Cut
1-1/4 in. 3D N/A N/A 115 3CUTMAS
1-1/2 in. 4D N/A N/A 125 4CUTMAS
2 in. 6D N/A N/A 85 6CUTMAS
2-1/4 in. 7D N/A N/A 78 7CUTMAS
2-1/2 in. 8D N/A N/A 64 8CUTMAS
3 in. 10D N/A N/A 48 10CUTMAS
3-1/4 in. 12D N/A N/A 32 12CUTMAS
3-1/2 in. 16D N/A N/A 34 16CUTMAS
4 in. 20D N/A N/A 29 20CUTMAS
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