Joist Hanger Nail

For attaching hangers to wood studs. Short, heavy gauge nail provides increased holding power without fully penetrating wood.

Fastener I.D. System:

The Grip-Rite Fastener I.D. System is simple to use and convenient for everyone.

Select Grip-Rite hand drive and collated nails feature a number stamped on the head that lets both contractors and building inspectors identify them at a glance. The number stamped on the head is the key to all the relevant information about the fastener, including its size, description, type and item number.

The Grip-Rite Fastener I.D. System makes identifying fasteners, both before and after installation, easier than ever. Look for specially marked boxes for Grip-Rite Fastener I.D. System framing and joist nails.

Size Gauge Head Size Approx. Count Per Pound SKU
Joist Hanger Nail Hot Dipped Galvanized Ring Shank
1-1/4 in. 9 5/16 in. 149 114HGATJST
Grip-Rite's color-coded packaging and point-of-purchase materials help you to select the optimal fastener for your project:
Blue - Roofing & Siding Gold - PrimeGuard Plus® Gray - PrimeGuard™
Green - Outdoor Construction Orange - Drywall – Orange Purple - Specialty Screws
Red - Drywall – Red Silver - PrimeGuard MAX® Stainless Steel Yellow - General Construction