Silt Fence

Grip-Rite silt fence is designed to meet a wide range of job site needs from the open-spec to the DOT markets. Utilizing a variety of filter fabrics, Grip-Rite silt fence allows water to pass through the fabric, while suspended soil particles are trapped and settle to the ground. This restricts the loss of costly jobsite material, keeps our roads and highways free of mud, and protects our lakes and streams from harmful silt build-up.

  • A Grip-Rite Exclusive– Only Grip-Rite SF and SP series silt fence feature the 1" Grip-Cap plastic fastener - five fastenings per post. Grip-Caps increase holding power while reducing fastener abrasion resulting in a long lasting installation.
  • Available in a variety of configurations- Grip-Rite silt fence is available in a variety of sizes, post, and reinforcement configurations to suit your state and local specification needs.
  • Wire backed fence- Pre- assembled GR fabric mounted on hot dipped galvanized welded wire.
  • Posts- Assembled with durable New England hardwood stakes featuring pencil points. Steel U or T posts sold separately.
  • HV-Series- Flexible Orange Site Fence made of high density polyethylene. HV stays flexible at sub-freezing temperatures and is pre-assembled on 5 ft. hardwood stakes. Grip-Rite HVTM is the only visual barrier fence designed for use with silt fence and made to install easily on irregular jobsite terrain.
  • Logo printing- Custom logo roll printing available on qualifying orders.